What is it?

You’ve heard about yoga and all the wonderful benefits of becoming a yogi, but you might not be familiar with one of the fastest-growing yoga trends known as aerial yoga. Also called Air Yoga, this activity leverages a yoga swing, your own body weight and the forces of gravity to achieve traditional yoga poses. The swing enables users to achieve deeper poses faster than ever because it increases flexibility more quickly.

Yoga studios around the world have grabbed onto this exciting new trend as a way to improve students’ physical fitness, calm the nervous system and improve posture. The benefits of Air Yoga are many, including enhanced stretching, improved balance, stress removal and enhanced blood flow. The Gorilla Gym makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of Air Yoga from the comfort of your own home. Simply attach the patented Gorilla Gym Core Unit to your doorway, hang the yoga swing and get started.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • Zero impact resistance training workout
  • Deeper stretching and improved flexibility
  • Improved balance and posture
  • Relaxation and stress removal
  • Improved blood flow


As popular as Aerial Yoga may be, to date it has been mainly contained to certain yoga studios. Typically, hanging a yoga swing at home, requires drilling holes to attach hooks in your ceiling beams or bringing in bulky steel frames. Neither is very feasible in the typical home. Gorilla Gym makes it easy to hang your yoga swing at home – no tools, no drilling, no bolts required. Simply attach the patented Gorilla Gym core unit to your doorway and hang your yoga swing. It takes 20 seconds to install and it has been certified to support 300 lbs according to the ASTM International safety standards.

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