Kids Fitness

Click here for a complete explanation of the exercises in these videos broken down by age group and attachment, as well as the benefits of these exercises.

Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe Package

Kids Deluxe Commercial

Toddler Exercises: Rings

Preschool Exercises: Trapeze

Preschool Exercises: Rope

Preschool Exercises: Rings

Preschool Exercises: Ladder

Primary School Exercises: Rings

Primary School Exercises: Ladder with Jessi

Primary School Exercises: Ladder with Jack

Adult Fitness


Gorilla Gym AirSpeed 11-11 Preview

Joel Charpentier - Certified Trainer

Gorilla Gym Aerial Yoga Package

Gorilla Gym Press


Gorilla Gym Featured on CTV’s "The Noise on Toys"


Gorilla Gym Featured on YouTube "Time for Toys"



Robby and Family

Amy and Family

Olivia and Family

Assembly and Installation


How to Assemble Your Gorilla Gym Core Unit

Installing Gorilla Gym In Your Doorway

Kids Attachment Installation