Teen Conditioning Program

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Why Gorilla Gym?

Working out is a great way to improve athletic development and prevent injuries when participating in sports. It is important to remember that strength training doesn’t necessarily mean weight lifting.  Resistance training and body weight exercises can increase muscle strength and endurance, protect muscles and joints from sport injuries, help maintain a healthy weight, and promote healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels without putting too much strain on young muscles and tendons. It’s important to emphasize proper form at a young age to prevent bad habits that can be hard to correct in the future.

Gorilla Gym has teamed up with professionally certified trainers to bring you a comprehensive workout program that engages all 11 muscle groups. Gorilla Gym’s AirStraps allow you to modify your workout intensity instantly by adjusting your body angle, or going from partially suspended to fully suspended exercises.

Our Teen Conditioning Program is an adapted version of our Adult Training program, derived from our work with teen athletes. It is simplified to only those exercises that can be done by pre-teen and teens.  This well balanced training program works multiple muscle groups, and maximizes benefits. The implementation of “push” and “pull” exercises in the same workout puts less stress on your joints than working exclusively push or pull muscle groups in a single workout session.