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January 9, 2013 by TheFitPress

In our never-ending quest to keep readers of The Fit Press blog in the know when it comes to new and improved workout equipment, here’s a press release from the folks at Gorilla Gym …


MEDIA ALERT: For Ages 2 to 95: Gorilla Doorway Gym Brings the Playground Inside – Swing Indoors, Punch a Boxing Bag & Do Motion Exercises in Your Own Doorway

Three major New Year’s resolutions that Gorilla Gym can help with are: 1) exercise more  2)spend more time with their family  3) take fun breaks from Life’s omnipresent video screens.

Crowdfunding on has helped make this new device a reality. Gorilla Gym, a startup in Harvard Square, has already raised 94% of their necessary funding with 5 days left — ending their campaign exactly on the co-founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov’s birthday, January 12th. Crowdfunding allows customers to pre-order at a substantial discount.

Launched by two Boston entrepreneurs with a mission to get everyone to exercise for at least 15 minutes every day, Gorilla Gym attaches to your doorway allowing multiple motion exercises and attachments.

Problem Solved: Most of the popular, portable cantilevered pull-up bars sold by multiple companies have an inherent stability problem which (when attached to doorways) makes them unsafe to use for anything more than simple repetitive up and down pullups. Their design does not support any side motion, which is why most pullup bars come with big warning labels to avoid motion and not attach anything to the device. But motion is a natural part of any workout: when people exercise, they tend to move their body, which could cause a traditional pullup bar to fall off the door trim, potentially resulting in a serious injury. That is the literally dangerous downside of the portable cantilevered design. YouTube is populated with pullup bar fail videos.

The new Gorilla Gym is just as portable and easy to use but solves this major safety problem with patented vise-grips that securely grip the sides of the doorway without the need for drilling or screws. The new design conquers motion, increasing the security and safety of the original cantilevered design and expanding the range of possible exercises. A major improvement results in a major increase in safety and utility.

Multiple Attachments Expand The Exercise Possibilities: Pullup extender which offers more positions for an effective upper body workout, ab straps, suspension straps, boxing bags, yoga swing, and even children’s swings are among the initial attachments that come with Gorilla Gym. The device’s modular design offers virtually limitless possibility for adding new fitness attachments to suit everyone’s need and taste.

Broader Appeal to Men and Women: Traditionally, pullup bars have appealed mostly to men because of the high strength threshold for the being able to do pullups. Gorilla Gym’s unique design supports multiple attachments, many of which are specifically targeted at women, including a yoga swing, ab straps, and suspension straps, opening the possibilities for core exercises like Pilates, stretching and Yoga, and many lower strength, high repetition exercises.

Ideal for city dwellers with limited space: Affordably priced under $50 for the core unit, Gorilla Gym provides families a compact alternative to buying expensive, bulky fitness equipment. The Gorilla Gym attachments lower the threshold to exercising and broaden the range of exercises. The simple modular design turns your doorway into a complete gym with dozens of exercises.

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