Kids Fitness Packages and Information

Kids Deluxe Package: $159.95

Includes Core Unit, Swing, Rope, Ladder, Trapeze, and Rings

Kids Package: $129.95

Includes Core Unit, Swing, Rings, and Ladder

Power Fitness Package: $79.95

Includes Core Unit, Ab Straps, and Pull-up Extender

Ultimate Fitness Package: $99.95

Includes: Core Unit, AirStraps, and AirSpeed 11-11 Training Program DVD


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Gorilla Gym Customer Testimonial - Tobey

Tobey, a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience, invited us into her home to show us first-hand why her family loves Gorilla Gym.

Gorilla Gym Kids Deluxe Package

Our latest Kids Deluxe Package commercial

Gorilla Gym Customer Testimonial - Amy

In this at-home testimonial Amy, a Gorilla Gym customer, explains what makes Gorilla Gym so fun, engaging, and how easy it is to install and take down.


We have compiled remarkable research that shows the benefits that physical activity can have on your child. We have broken up our findings into four categories: Physical Health; Mental Health and Psychological Benefits; Brain and Motor Skill Development; and Disabilities, Autism, and other Sensory Processing Disorders.

You can find all of our blog entries on the above topics here.

Want the main points? Here’s a summary of our research in kid’s health and fitness.