In Home Training with the Gorilla Gym – Review

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We like to take every opportunity we can to do any type of physical activity with the kids. When it turns to the winter months, our options are limited. But, for the last couple of weeks we have had an opportunity to review a new indoor gym station called Gorilla Gym, and it is the perfect fix for indoor exercise.

The Gorilla Gym is extremely easy to install and is very versatile, while offering the option of storing it all in a small corner or under the bed when you are not using it. There is no need to travel to the gym when you can get a complete workout in your home, and the Gorilla Gym will also work great for those in small homes or apartments because it is so compact and takes up virtually no room.

The Gorilla Gym installs in your doorway with just a couple of quick turns,  I would say it took under 2 minutes the first time, and now we can take it down or put it up in about 30 seconds. The main piece attaches to the top of your doorframe and locks in with a couple of twists, the Gorilla Gym site has great videos for the use and installation, it really is simple and easy to do.

My favorite thing about the Gorilla Gym is how many options you have with it. It can be used for general fitness, boxing, yoga and even as an indoor playground for kids:

How fun does that swing set look and can you believe it can hold a motorcycle?!

While Dave and I are the ones who primarily use it, Kora & Logan enjoy getting in on the fitness fun every now and then too. They were happy to demonstrate some of the features in photos for this post.

Gorilla Gym - Logan Pull Up

Fitness: This is the most common use in my opinion, of course it looks like a pull up bar, and certainly works as one, but there are so many more options.  The Ultimate Fitness Package comes with something call AirStraps which are awesome. You place your hands and feet into the straps and are suspended in the air which gives you an entirely different workout. Every muscle is used to keep yourself stabilized as you perform your exercises. This is a really unique, fun and tough workout, and you can follow the AirStrap workout video – AirSpeed 11-11. The AirStraps are great for those with bad knees or joints, with the AirStrap workout there is no impact on your joints, and it is a smoother workout experience.

Gorilla Gym - Kora AirStraps

Boxing; This is my favorite, you can hook up the Gorilla Gym punching bag and you can get an entire boxing workout in, consisting of punching and kicking your way to fitness – all in the doorway of your home. There is also a speed bag attachment which we will be getting soon and I know Dave will love.

Gorilla Gym Logan Punching Bag

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