Gifts for Boys: Gorilla Gym

Macaroni Kid

Being cooped up in the house all winter time can be rough.  Especially for kids who need an outlet for their energy.  Gorilla Gym is a cool new system designed to be a home gym indoors.  Taking up very little room and super easy to install, the Gorilla Gym can act in many different ways. One can use it for exercises, pull ups, yoga, swinging, or add additional components to it to create a boxing station.  All of this in the frame of a doorway!

It is super easy to install (we received one to check out) that was installed within a couple minutes from box to door.  It can support every member of the family up to 300 pounds!  Now the kids can swing or getting their energy out without destorying the house in the process or making you crazy! It is awesome!

You can purchase your own Gorilla Gym online.

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