Friday Finds: Indoor Winter Activities

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While we are so excited for the downtime that comes with the holidays, it also means that we have to come up with ideas to stay creative and keeping the kids busy while they are out of school. This week we rounded up our favorite ideas to keep the kids busy, happy and active during the upcoming break, and be sure to let us know what some of our favorite winter vacation ideas are in the comments section.


4. Gorilla Gym: It gets harder to get out to the park and run around with the cold, but luckily the gym can come to you with the new Gorilla Gym, the world’s smallest and most versatile home gym. Developed by the Velex Corporation, the Gorilla Gym allows you and your kids to swing in the house for $89.00 dollars. It is also super lightweight, easy to put together and doesn’t take a lot of space. They also offer swing, trapeze, climbing rope, ladder, and rings – making it easy to stay active this winter.

Indoor Finds

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