From Forbes contributor Jenn Choi:

“Does play ever really change?

In the past, my answer was an emphatic NO but I see now that I’ve been very wrong. Play changes because life changes and thus toy designs will change too. New toys allow children to build new skills and make things they’ve never made before. Progress must move forward. That said, I do believe that one factor that will remain constant is why children play. Hence, with that in mind, the best toys to watch this year are using the latest advancements in science to allow children to go about natural play patterns and follow what I call “play facts.

Play Fact: Children Want To Impress People

Children’s activities generally consists of schoolwork and play. Thus, when it comes to connecting with fellow children, they amaze each other with their own creations and collections. Some of these are their toys that they use to create newer toys. If your children do this at home, please be sure to applaud, comment or ask them questions. Thinking about how to amuse themselves and others is a skill that they can carry into academic areas such as reading and writing and social/emotional areas such as making friends.

My best moment at the International Toy fair last month was discovering the Gorilla Gym, a doorway swing that can safely be attached to support weights of over 300lbs. It has several attachments including pull-up bars, trapezes, rope ladders, and even yoga swings.”