Effects of Exercise on Autism, Disabilities, and Sensory Processing Disorders

At Gorilla Gym, we value the comfort that something like being able to swing in your own house can give someone with autism, sensory processing disorders, or other disabilities. Research gathered by SpectrumNews.org, an organization that focuses on news regarding autism and autism research, showed that often times in autistic children’s behavioral therapy, physical activity is overlooked. Small studies have shown that therapies that incorporate games and other activities that keep children active has actually helped children with their social skills, behavior, eye contact, and motor skills more than traditional behavioral therapy alone. This report, coupled with the fact that compared to typically developed children,  autistic children are more likely to be overweight and obese is reason enough to start implementing physical activity into behavioral therapies. Read about these reports and more in the posts below, and feel free to add your own opinion in the comment sections.