Linda (Oswego, IL)
“Here’s my 2 year old that loves his swing. I have 3 kids and they fight over who’s going to use it next. We need another one or two so they all can get along. Lol!!!”
Jason (Tampa, Florida)
“We’re happy we bought it and if you can’t tell, our Son really loves it!”
Karen Savage
“Everybody LOVES it!!!”
Kelly (Omaha Nebraska)
“Best Christmas gift ever!”
Melanie (Beach Park, Illinois)
“She loves doing pull ups on the rings, swinging on the rings like a monkey, and putting her leg through the rings to swing. So versatile for her active little self! 
Tania (Tampa, Florida)
“She loves her Christmas gift!”
Lisa (Boston, Massachusetts)
Alyssa (Chicago, Illinois)
“My daughter Alyssa loving her swing on Christmas morning. Out of all of attachments, the swing is the one that is attached all the time. She loves having a swing outside her room.”
Paola Lopezmalo-Biro
“A Holiday hit with our gymnast!”
Colton (Las Vegas, Nevada)
“I have 5 boys who LOVE to be active! We live in Las Vegas, NV and my boys can’t always play outside due to the heat in the summer. At during the winter they like to keep playing after it’s too dark outside. Here is my son Colton swinging off the rest of his extra energy. The swing is our boys favorite part!!!!”
Avery  (Allen Park, Michigan)
“Avery loves to swing and do pull ups 
Orin and Gideon (Weare, New Hampshire)
“Orin and Gideon love still being able to swing and burn some energy even when there’s a blizzard outside!”
Shelley (Jacksonville, Florida)
“Definitely recommend hours of fun!!”
Kevin (Avon, Massachusetts)
“Got this for my boys for Christmas to keep my little one from climbing my walls in the winter and it helps my oldest with improving his motor skills. Love it! This is Kevin age 5 from Avon,MA”
Daylan (Kingsport, Tennessee)
“Daylan on his Gym1 has fun”
Lori Bain
“My son can’t decide which he wants to do first. This has by far been the best investment for indoor activity for my 5&9 year old boys.”
Talli McBride
“Perfect for babies and baby dolls 
Nicki (San Diego, California)
Mike (Wheeling, Illinois)
“Who needs two swings?”
Mike (Wheeling, Illinois)
Play matters even when it cold”
Catherine Lee
“She is loving the new attachment!”
Faye (Charlottestown, PE, Canada)
Jennifer (Phoenix, Arizona)
Simona (Denver, Colorado)
“Great product! My kids love having a swing inside! Thank you”
Robby (Mansfield, MA)

Tobey, a mother and Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience explains why her children love Gorilla Gym and how Gorilla Gym has helped her son Robby overcome challenges with gross motor skills and motor planning.

Linda (Long Branch, NJ)
“Back in March I saw a TV commercial for Gorilla Gym and thought it would be nice for my 8 year old hearing impaired granddaughter because she doesn’t play with toys like a child that can hear would. It was the best thing ever ..she loves her swing and is always on it. Thank you to the creator of Gorilla Gym; You have made children like my granddaughter very happy!”
“My daughter loves her Gorilla Gym, especially in the winter when there is 2 feet of snow outside and she gets to be the only kid in the neighborhood still able to swing! please don’t mind her dirty feet, she doesn’t wear shoes all summer long :)”

Robin (Bennington, NE)
“This is how 3 of my 5 grandchildren play on the gym! The boys are sitting together on the bottom and swing my granddaughter.”
Sam (Coon Rapids, MN)
“Sam is 22, Autistic and fabulous.”
Sam (Longwood, FL)
“Sam asked for a gorilla gym for Christmas. It’s given him and his friends countless hours of indoor activity. It was so easy to install and great way to encourage physical activity!”
“Little L enjoys building her upper body strength while swinging from the rings. I love that it keeps my kids entertained while I get housework or cooking done!”
Andrea (Stamford, CT)
“Favorite toy in the house! We love Gorilla Gym!”
Addie (Holly Springs, NC)
“Who would’ve thought that our beloved baby swing would be replaced a few years later with a “real” swing that can hold a 200+lb person hanging in my guest bedroom door way? Not me!”

Titus (Gilbert, Arizona)
“With so many different attachments and the adjustability of each one, Gorilla Gym is easily adaptable to the level and abilities of each of my children.
Kydd and Brenna (Hickory, North Carolina)
“Kydd loves that Gorilla Gym has a ladder swing!!!
Kinsleigh (Fort Worth, Texas)
“She loves to swing… ALL day long!!!
Jacob (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
“Jacob can always be found swinging, climbing, and creating new exercise on his Gorilla Gym. With three boys in our house the gorilla gym is by far and away the best product we have ever bought for our children.
Emily (Chicago, Illinois)
“Emily loves her Gorilla Gym during the cold Chicago winters!
Peyton (Sammamish, Washington)
“Loves to swing, climb and do pull ups on her Gorilla Gym.  She asked for this for Christmas and has so much fun on it that her brother and sister wish they had one too!
Jonah, Locke and the dog Lucy (Irving, Texas)
“I liked most about Gorilla Gym: It’s so much fun. Both my boys have autism and I love seeing how much fun they have using their gorilla gym. The laughs, the giggles. Even our doggie Lucy loves getting in on the action! I just know they would love to try out the accessories and it would provide hours of daily fun exercise!
Kendelyn (Keller, Texas)
“Since our backyard was uneven and sloping we were disappointed we could not install a swing set but with Gorilla Gym Kendelyn can enjoy her swing set INSIDE the house anytime 24/7. Now Kendelyn’s big sister wants one!
Jordyn (Memphis, Tennessee)
“Jordyn loves to play on her gorilla gym even in her pajamas.
Rylee (Amarillo, Texas)
“Wild hair, don’t care because her Gorilla Gym is ready to go! Hands down the “BEST Christmas present ever” according to my Rylee, age 7
Jennifer (Arizona)
“Having fun”
Cash (Somerville, Massachussetts)

Infomercial by Cash!

Posted by Lea Bowler-Hardy on Thursday, January 7, 2016

“Infomercial by Cash!”
Kimberly (Marshfield, Wisconsin)

Singing loud for all to hear

“Singing loud for all to hear
Oliver (Valley Cottage, New York)
“My son had the best play date yesterday!  And one of his favorite parts was trying out his friends’ new gorilla gym. He is thinking about spending the rest of his Christmas cash on this fun gym because he loved it so much. He just needs to convince momma and dadda yo pitch in s few more dollars.”
“Can we go back to our friends’ house soon?!? I LOVED swinging and hanging inside their place!”
Olivia (Leesburg, Virginia)
“I like the ladder and swing the most!”
Abigail (Danville, Virginia)

“The reason Abigail loves the Gorilla Gym Swing and attachments is it makes her feel like a ‘Big Girl’. I’ve noticed how shes a happier child getting the exercise she lacked before receiving her gym  BUT her older sister, who has always been super active likes to hog up all the Gorilla Gym playtime, so having 2 would be great for them so they don’t fight over it so much. Abigail shows off and has become way more active, she gets the exercise she needs and I can tell a difference in her attitude each day!


Neve and Haley (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina) 
“We love to PLAY all the time on the Gorilla Gym! We get very creative with all of the accessories. We even invented a way for both of us to swing at the same time–on the rope ladder! Mommy loves that we stay active even when she needs to be inside. It keeps us entertained, and we work together.”
Vicki (Netzel, Oregon)
“I liked most about Gorilla Gym: The amazing fun, exercise (shhhh!) and the teamwork the kids get out of it and how much great fun we have watching them!!”
Jenna and Leah (Ashburn, Virginia)
“Gorilla Gym is so fun when we can’t play outside and I do a nightly pull-up every night before bed to get stronger!”
Jessy (Milledgeville, Georgia)
“I love that I can do warm ups and gymnastic stunts at home to be better each week at gymnastics class.”
Hannah and Alex (Waterford, Connecticut)
“We love our Gorilla Gym!  With a home daycare it provides fun for all.  It is great for all ages and athletes.  I can get stronger for soccer, while my sister uses it to be a better gymnast. And my mom loves to swing with me.”
Silas and Micah (Dallas, Texas)

“We love our gorilla gym because we are training to be Ninja Warriors. It’s making our muscles bigger, and our elf’s muscles, too!”

Aiden (Middletown, Delaware)

“Aiden loves his Gorilla Gym, no monkeying around here! Aiden says,” I can swing and pull  like a gorilla to make me stronger. I love working out everyday!”

Megan, Bradlee, and Urijah (West Jordan, Utah)

“Bradlee’s favorite thing is the trapeze which he uses to burn unused energy!”

Kennedy and Kaiden (Georgetown, Kentucky)

“Kennedy and Kaiden love that on rainy days they can still swing and climb indoors! I love that while I’m making supper my kids are entertained and not repeatedly asking if supper is ready yet!”

Jacob and Dominic (Westerville, Ohio)

“We love the Gorilla Gym as Jacob can practice his OT skills on it and strengthen his core muscles.”

Cassie (Jacksonville, Florida)

“Our daughter has Autism and the Gorilla Gym has been the best purchase we’ve ever made for her.  We are able to provide her equipment that works on gross motor skills and strength as well as gives her sensory stimulation.  She gets to do all the “work” with a smile on her face and instantly rewarded by doing her all time favorite activity…swinging with her best buddy, Bear!”

Sophie (Brentwood, California)

“I can exercise any time that I want and it’s inside for those really cold days!!! You can’t swing enough!!!”

Andrew (Fairfax, Virginia)

“Andrew is VERY active and sometimes just needs to burn off a little energy. He can climb, jump, hang and swing to his heart’s content, and then finds it much easier to settle down. :-)”

Lily (Seattle, Washington)

“I love that the Gorilla Gym gives us active play options even during the rainiest weeks in the Pacific Northwest! The kids absolutely love swinging indoors, and I love that they get their energy out.”

Jillian (Rutland, Massachusetts)

“Jillian loves to get a work out and practice her gymnastics with all of the components but most of all, she likes to hang upside down!”

Sean and Erica (Pike Creek, Delaware)

“We love the Gorilla Gym because it makes us stronger and it’s fun!”

Breonna and Kale (Cleburne, Texas)

“We love the Gorilla Gym my daughter is 9 and my grandkids all like to play at once. I would love for grandkids to have one.”

Jamal and Mariam (Houston, Texas)

“They love this swing more than anything else. Wish we had another bar so they can swing together!!!”

Gabby (Dell Rapids, South Dakota)

“My daughter loves to swing, but it is cold for a lot of months out of the year.  We did a lot of research to find a way for her to swing year round.  Gorilla Gym was the perfect solution for her!  All of my kids use it on a daily basis.  Video of Gabby using her Gorilla Gym for the first time…”

Ayla and “Buddy” (Montgomery, Alabama)

“From the moment I placed the order for her birthday, the staff was very helpful.  Delivery was as promised.  Installation was a breeze.  Within two weeks, her core strength had improved.  She is getting healthy and loving it.

Buddy is a classroom project for kindergarteners.  Buddy comes home for a weekend visit and you take pictures of your time spent together.  Needless to say on Monday (after share) everyone from class wanted one.”

Sebastian and Riley (San Diego, California)

“I love the Gorilla Gym because is keeps them entertained.  They use it every single day.  It is the only “toy” the play with together where they don’t fight.”

Liam, Rosemarjorie, Pacifica, & Jameson (San Jose, California)

“The Gorilla Gym has been a great way to get energy out when we’re cramped inside the house due to weather, the dark winter evenings, or naptime; and when I am homeschooling the older kids, the younger ones can play on it to keep occupied.  Our little friends also love it, and with so many kids in the house, it’s hard to take turns!”

Jayna (Webster, New York)

“What I love most about Gorilla Gym is that the long, cold New York winters aren’t nearly as unbearable as they used to be. Now the tv (in the background) is ignored and complaints of boredom have decreased significantly. My only regret is that Santa didn’t deliver it years earlier!”

Brody (Rockwall, Texas)

“We love gorilla gym especially on rainy days like today because we get to expel energy in a safe a fun way when it’s too muddy to play outside. My kids love to pretend they are on adventures when using the ropes on gorilla gym!”

Addyson (Fairview, Pennsylvania)

“I like the attachments”

Serenity, Annalee, and Joshua (Taylorsville, Kentucky)

“Each of my three kids have a different favorite attachment and favorite use.  We got it for them last year for Christmas and it is used everyday. Some of our favorite things:

  • Joshua: He can train for America Ninja Warrior
  • Annalee: Loves to swing after school
  • Serenity: Loves to use the Gorilla Gym to create obstacle courses to train everyone (acrobat training for the circus is going on in the picture)”

“One of my favorite things as the parent is we did not realize how many attachments we could buy for when they were older (like boxing bags and yoga attachments) this is the gift that will grow with them and they will never outgrow.

Our only regret about the Gorilla gym is that we should have bought more main door attachments to put on more doors so we can use more attachments at a time and more kids can use it at a time.  Our kids and everyone that comes over loves it and the one we have has been constantly in use for a year straight.”

Bentlee (Opelika, Alaska)

“Bentlee has Down Syndrome and we use our gorilla gym as a gross motor therapy tool. She never gets bored bc of all the different connectors we can change out. Her favorite thing to do is back flips on the rings. We are hoping to win another gym to keep at her school or grandparents house.”

Sadie (Fairview, Pennsylvania)

“I like the rope”

Nichole (New Britain, Connecticut)

“Year round fun without the sun:)…”

Aiden (Middletown, Delaware)

“I love my Gorilla Gym, it’s the BEST! I love to get stronger with my Gorilla Gym doing pull ups and doing cliff hanger walking on the bars.”

Cole (Houston, TX)

“He loves the rings! Cole and his friends spend hours doing tricks and making up routines. Best gift ever!”

Emily (West Haven, Connecticut)

“She loves doing flips and gymnastic tricks!”

Gavin (Tampa, Florida)

“I like the Gorilla Gym because I can climb and watch my movies at the same time.”

Chase (Easton, Pennsylvania)

“Chase likes that he can swing on rainy days!  I like that he can get some of his energy out when the weather isn’t nice enough to go to the playground.”

Mason (Autryville, North Carolina)

“Mason absolutely loves his gym.  If you don’t know what to get your sensory junkie autistic kid….this is it!  This was truly a life changing gift.  It gets the wiggles out!”

Ava (Ramsey, Minnesota)

“Swinging indoors on a cold, rainy day is what we love most about the gorilla gym! All 3 kids can use it indoors all winter long!”

Baylee (Kannapolis, North Carolina)

“I like having recess time on the inside on inclement weather days. Brings the fun of the outdoors into the home. ”

Cooper (Moab, Utah)

“I love that even if the weather is bad outside the kids still have an option indoors to get their wiggles out.”

Trish (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

“Trish is in gymnastics and top of her class thanks to all the practice she gets on her gorilla gym. She is full of energy and since she received her gorilla gym we have definitley noticed her having a great way to burn off her energy and becoming a better gymnast while having fun. We have had the gym for about a year and she still plays on it daily! Best toy purchase we have ever made!”

Ben (Jayess, Mississippi)

“He loves to climb and swing!  I love that he now has an indoor outlet for all his energy when it’s too cold or too hot outside!”