Presents Their Spring 2017 PAL Awards – Best Toys and Games that Spark Language Development Through Play

Play On Words LLC, led by highly respected speech language pathologist  Sherry Artemenko, announces 2017’s Spring PAL Award Winners, the toy industry’s only recognition directed by a credentialed speech-language expert recognizing the language learning edge in exceptional toys, games and books. Sherry’s 35 years of child development experience with over 17,000 hours working with kids empower her PAL selections, video reviews, popular blog, media appearances and consulting practice.

“Current trends in the industry include progressive toy brands calling out the importance of language learning features that enhance and extend rich play. From preschool coding games to classroom STEM education sets, companies are providing kids with the opportunity to create a story, identify problems, sequence solutions, compare/contrast results, and document/discuss conclusions. It’s exciting to be a part of this movement to optimize play experiences while building language skills critical for learning and life.

Parents, teachers, and therapists often thank me for calling out the best products that pair fun and learning to optimize smart play experiences for their children and students.” helps companies see the strategic value of language learning in play, and how building categorical vocabularies (e.g. STEM), facilitating social interaction and encouraging great pretend play and storytelling can be as important as any classic toy or game feature. Leveraging the PAL Seal on the internet, packaging and in print media, along with customized promotional videos, as seen on the TODAY SHOW last year with “mompreneur” client SmartNoggin, differentiates brands who know the marketplace now demands products that are not only fun, but also infused with learning potential. The PAL Award seal tells customers that more than great entertainment is to be found inside the box or book cover.

ABOUT PLAYONWORDS, LLC was founded by well-respected speech-language pathologist, Sherry Artemenko. Her 35 years championing language rich play, esteemed PAL Award, popular blog, and insightful tips to parents set her apart as the leading advocate of the language component in toys.