Adult Fitness Training Program

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Why Gorilla Gym?

Gorilla Gym has teamed up with professionally certified trainers to bring you a comprehensive workout program that engages all 11 muscle groups. There are many different types of home fitness equipment on the market today, but none of them offer the same level of effectiveness, user customization or fast results that Gorilla Gym’s AirFitness Training programs do. Gorilla Gym’s AirStraps allow you to modify your workout intensity instantly by adjusting your body angle, or going from partially suspended to fully suspended exercises.

Our AirFitness training program is the perfect solution for the time-crunched. Most people have a hard time carving out time to drive to the gym and get in a 45 to 60 minute workout, but with the Gorilla Gym, users can perform quick, effective 15-minute workouts, and still enjoy fitness benefits comparable to a traditional, 45-minute workout routine. The secret lies in the cross trainability – working out multiple muscle groups while combining strength training and cardio exercises make for a superior workout and better results.


Warm Up

Workout 1 – Beginner

Workout 2 – Beginner

Workout 3 – Beginner


Workout 4 – Intermediate

Workout 5 – Intermediate

Workout 6 – Intermediate


Workout 7 – Advanced

Workout 8 – Advanced

Workout 9 – Advanced