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Thank you to Gorilla Gym for providing me with product in exchange for review purposes. All opinions belong to me. 

It’s October here in Michigan, which means cool weather and the doom and gloom of winter approaching. I say doom and gloom of winter because I have two children aged 18 months and 4. If you have kids you know the absolute value of warm weather for your kids to go out and romp around in. Snow has its ups but with kids my age it really doesn’t have much upside. Not to mention pent up husband energy from not getting any fun outside time as well. Gorilla Gym makes products to fix these winter woes of mine.

Gorilla Gym home gym review

Gorilla Gym is the most versatile home gym, it installs in minutes and is intended for the whole family to use! I received a Gorilla Gym kids package, aerial yoga swing, pull up extender, ab straps and AirStraps, and AirSpeed 11-11 Training Program DVD. Due to both of my grandmothers getting sick in the past month the gorilla gym was the perfect addition into our house as we have paused our gym membership.

Gorilla Gym home gym reviewGorilla Gym home gym review

My kids were so excited to watch me put this together and they didn’t even know what it was, the assembly wasn’t too bad. I did end up needing to go back and reinsert a couple bolts as I had them backwards.

Gorilla Gym home gym review

Installation was pretty easy as well, my house doesn’t have many doorways so we chose our downstairs basement bedroom door. This picture is without the pull up extender added on. One thing I will mention about the gorilla gym is where ever you put it, chose a place where door closing isn’t important as this will block the door from closing.

Gorilla Gym home gym review

The kids package was awesome, both my 4 year old and 18 month old were able to play with almost every piece. Included in the kids package was indoor swing, rings, a rope, a ladder and a trapeze. This picture also has the ab straps pictured as well which isn’t part of the kids package. Each accessory is so easy to switch out and attach with no issues at all. None of the attachments squeak or make noise, besides what noise my kids make that is.

Gorilla gym versatile home gym review gorilla gym versatile home gym reviewgorilla gym versatile home gym reviewgorilla gym versatile home gym reviewgorilla gym versatile home gym reviewgorilla gym versatile home gym reviewgorilla gym versatile home gym review gorilla gym versatile home gym review

As you can see each attachment works for both age ranges of my children and is the perfect solution to a rainy, snowy or frigid cold day.




Gorilla Gym home gym review

My husband found the Airstraps workout to be quite challenging despite his initial hesitation to really get into it. The ab straps work great for targeting and really working the core for longer periods of time. Th pull up extender was something my husband appreciated at he was able to grip better and have more arm muscle target options.

Gorilla Gym home gym review

The arial yoga straps (pictured above) were something that seemed whimsical to me and I was really intrigued to find some workouts and try it out. Let me tell you that getting the moves to look whimsical is going to take some practice and muscle building. I really love the type of workout the aerial yoga straps offer though as it’s all weight based and really engages the core to the full extent.

Gorilla gym is something that everyone has one into my house and mentioned wanting. The versatile aspect is what I think really makes it so appealing, theres no bulky home gym equipment taking up floor space, no weights laying around to stub your toe on. The weight limit for the gorilla gym is 300 pounds! You can uninstall and re-install the gorilla gym in minutes. The gorilla gym really does offer so much in such an efficient space saving perspective.

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Gorilla Gym, Kids Stay Active & Healthy While Playing Indoors!


I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype by now about the Gorilla Gym!! Does this indoor fitness play set actual do what it claims? Yes it does, with the Gorilla Gym, kids stay active & healthy while playing indoors,  we love it! Especially now that the weather is just madness all across the country. It’s either too cold or too hot for the kiddos to go outside and play. Honestly, in some areas the kids can’t get to the play equipment because it’s covered in snow or soaked from the rain. Here in Escondido California, where it’s already reached triple digits a few days out of the week, our outdoor jungle gym has become an oven, way too hot for the kids to go outside and play on. Face it, Playdoh, Lego’s and finger painting will only entertain the little ones for so long. Eventually they become board to pieces and begin climbing the walls and jumping all over the furniture. This is why we love this super awesome indoor fitness play set called TheGorilla Gym!!
Gorilla Gym, Kids Stay Active & Healthy While Playing Indoors!
We were sent the Gorilla Gym and couldn’t be more pleased. Now my kids have a blast indoors and I get to take a break from being “Drill Sargent…get down from there!” It was so easy to set up and the kids were having a blast in no time at all! Gorilla Gym comes with everything you need to bring the outdoor fun indoors. It’s the fast, affordable way for the kids to play and swing right in the comforts of their own home!
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