Gorilla Gym Children’s Swing

By: Education.com

When it’s cold outside keep warm and active by bringing the playground to you! This kit provides all the goods you need to build a jungle gym indoors. And it’s easy to do. Starting with the sturdiest door frame-mounted chin-up bar you’ll find anywhere. The Gym is manufactured with vise grips that affix firmly to the door frame, (and the cushy padding won’t wreck the paint on your door). Add the children’s swing and kids are ready to play; you can opt for a standard swing or a toddler swing. And of course the bar itself can be used for exercises after the kids go to bed. Other kid attachments include: a thick knotted climbing rope, mini gymnastics rings, and a rope ladder, each additionally priced at about $20.

Gorilla Gym Children

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In Home Training with the Gorilla Gym – Review

By , 2 Wired 2 Tired

We like to take every opportunity we can to do any type of physical activity with the kids. When it turns to the winter months, our options are limited. But, for the last couple of weeks we have had an opportunity to review a new indoor gym station called Gorilla Gym, and it is the perfect fix for indoor exercise.

The Gorilla Gym is extremely easy to install and is very versatile, while offering the option of storing it all in a small corner or under the bed when you are not using it. There is no need to travel to the gym when you can get a complete workout in your home, and the Gorilla Gym will also work great for those in small homes or apartments because it is so compact and takes up virtually no room.

The Gorilla Gym installs in your doorway with just a couple of quick turns,  I would say it took under 2 minutes the first time, and now we can take it down or put it up in about 30 seconds. The main piece attaches to the top of your doorframe and locks in with a couple of twists, the Gorilla Gym site has great videos for the use and installation, it really is simple and easy to do.

My favorite thing about the Gorilla Gym is how many options you have with it. It can be used for general fitness, boxing, yoga and even as an indoor playground for kids:

How fun does that swing set look and can you believe it can hold a motorcycle?!

While Dave and I are the ones who primarily use it, Kora & Logan enjoy getting in on the fitness fun every now and then too. They were happy to demonstrate some of the features in photos for this post.

Gorilla Gym - Logan Pull Up

Fitness: This is the most common use in my opinion, of course it looks like a pull up bar, and certainly works as one, but there are so many more options.  The Ultimate Fitness Package comes with something call AirStraps which are awesome. You place your hands and feet into the straps and are suspended in the air which gives you an entirely different workout. Every muscle is used to keep yourself stabilized as you perform your exercises. This is a really unique, fun and tough workout, and you can follow the AirStrap workout video – AirSpeed 11-11. The AirStraps are great for those with bad knees or joints, with the AirStrap workout there is no impact on your joints, and it is a smoother workout experience.

Gorilla Gym - Kora AirStraps

Boxing; This is my favorite, you can hook up the Gorilla Gym punching bag and you can get an entire boxing workout in, consisting of punching and kicking your way to fitness – all in the doorway of your home. There is also a speed bag attachment which we will be getting soon and I know Dave will love.

Gorilla Gym Logan Punching Bag

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Gifts for Boys: Gorilla Gym

Macaroni Kid

Being cooped up in the house all winter time can be rough.  Especially for kids who need an outlet for their energy.  Gorilla Gym is a cool new system designed to be a home gym indoors.  Taking up very little room and super easy to install, the Gorilla Gym can act in many different ways. One can use it for exercises, pull ups, yoga, swinging, or add additional components to it to create a boxing station.  All of this in the frame of a doorway!

It is super easy to install (we received one to check out) that was installed within a couple minutes from box to door.  It can support every member of the family up to 300 pounds!  Now the kids can swing or getting their energy out without destorying the house in the process or making you crazy! It is awesome!

You can purchase your own Gorilla Gym online.

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DAY 18 – Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids

Every year my family asks me what my kids want for Christmas. My teen daughter’s requests have morphed over the years; as she’s grown, so have her tastes. We’ve gone from Barney, to Hannah Montana, to jewelry, to sports equipment, to nice shoes and gift cards. Those last two things are on my list too.

Not only is my 11 year old son, who is on the Autism spectrum, a super-slow grower (we just moved into a size 7 slim!), his taste in toys hasn’t expanded much either. He doesn’t play sports, other than an occasional game of golf, and his interest in trains, planes, roller coasters, music, bike riding and video games is about the same as it was when he was a toddler.

Since we are running out of storage bins for train parts, recently I’ve felt the need to step outside of the gift box, so to speak. These are some of my favorite things (his, too) for special needs kids.

1. Gorilla Gym Indoor Swing


The Gorilla Gym is a great gift for the whole family, actually. My daughter loves to box, my husband and I do Crossfit (and the Gorilla Gym AirStraps would give you a great workout), and my son uses all of his earned free time at school to play on the indoor swing. Whenever he needs a break, he can take five or ten minutes to swing and calm himself. This activity has long been part of his sensory therapy and now, even during the cold winter months, he has a place to exercise and refocus.

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Friday Finds: Indoor Winter Activities

 by , Mom Trends

While we are so excited for the downtime that comes with the holidays, it also means that we have to come up with ideas to stay creative and keeping the kids busy while they are out of school. This week we rounded up our favorite ideas to keep the kids busy, happy and active during the upcoming break, and be sure to let us know what some of our favorite winter vacation ideas are in the comments section.


4. Gorilla Gym: It gets harder to get out to the park and run around with the cold, but luckily the gym can come to you with the new Gorilla Gym, the world’s smallest and most versatile home gym. Developed by the Velex Corporation, the Gorilla Gym allows you and your kids to swing in the house for $89.00 dollars. It is also super lightweight, easy to put together and doesn’t take a lot of space. They also offer swing, trapeze, climbing rope, ladder, and rings – making it easy to stay active this winter.

Indoor Finds

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Holiday Gift Idea: Gorilla Gym, Bringing the Playground Indoors!

By , Baby Savers  

Gorilla Gym turns every doorway into an indoor playground.

Gorilla Gym It installs in seconds without any drilling, holes or even tools and is ASTM safety certified for 300 pounds. Your kids can safely swing on it and the plug ‘n playdesign makes it easy to add 4 other exercise attachments.

The Gorilla Gym is also designed for moms and dads. Enjoy exercising in the air without joint impact with the novel air straps 11-11 system, hit a boxing bag or evenenjoy aerial yoga!

Gorilla Gym core unit can be purchased at Gorilla-Gym.com for $59.90 + shipping.

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Gorilla Gym


Door-mounted home gym system offers unique fitness options

By CAROLINE DOHACK, Columbia Tribune

Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 2:00 am

Who knew that working out was child’s play?

Boston-based entrepreneurs Peter Velikin and Kiril Alexandrov needed a way to keep their children active while indoors.

“It’s Boston. The winters …” Velikin said.

“And when you have boys that age, they have so much energy,” Alexandrov said.

So the two created a door-mounted unit from which to hang a swing. It was such a hit with their families that the two started thinking of other applications for the system. Fitness seemed like the obvious choice, and the two eventually developed a number of attachments for boxing, yoga and other exercises — as well as additional indoor playground equipment such as trapezes, ropes and ladders. They called this system Gorilla Gym.

Velikin and Alexandrov said their system addresses a number of challenges people face when trying to get and stay active.

At $59.95 for the base unit, with attachments ranging from $9.95 for simple straps to $139.95 for a yoga swing, it costs less than an annual gym membership.

By eliminating the need to go to the gym — or even outdoors — one has fewer excuses for avoiding a workout. “It reminds me of what Woody Allen says about success: 95 percent is showing up,” Alexandrov said.

And because the system is easy to take down and store, it doesn’t have to become the focal point of that spare bedroom, as treadmills or other home gyms often do.

Naturally, I had to try it out.

Gorilla Gym Brings the Playground Indoors

By: momgenerations.com


This was literally made for the McClelland boys, right?

I am in awe.

Honestly, I talk all the time about how my sons climb our walls and literally spider walk along the walls down our hallways… their goal is to be on the Ninja Warrior show — for real. :) When I saw the magic of Gorilla Gym, I literally saw my sons going happy-crazy over this!  What a super-cool product for parents to have in their home, especially with the colder months rolling in.

So what is the Gorilla Gym?

Gorilla Gym, the world’s smallest and most versatile home gym brings the fun of exercising indoors. Gorilla Gym is lightweight and portable and installs in your doorway in seconds without tools or drilling. Gorilla Gym supports multiple attachments for dozens of exercises and activities including boxing fight station, fitness, and yoga… and now a children’s swings, a children’s playground.

Every child loves the swings and outdoor activities, which can be a challenge during colder seasons. Gorilla Gym will surely become every child’s favorite toy: children can swing for hours inside, especially during those long winters and rainy days. Gorilla Gym is a great alternative to outdoor play sets, which can cost over $1,000, Gorilla Gym comes with a swing, trapeze, climbing rope, ladder, and rings, all for under $150.

Literally, all my kids use to play on is my husband’s pull-up bar, so this will be an amazing new “toy” for them.

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Open door to fitness with Gorilla Gym

January 9, 2013 by TheFitPress

In our never-ending quest to keep readers of The Fit Press blog in the know when it comes to new and improved workout equipment, here’s a press release from the folks at Gorilla Gym …


MEDIA ALERT: For Ages 2 to 95: Gorilla Doorway Gym Brings the Playground Inside – Swing Indoors, Punch a Boxing Bag & Do Motion Exercises in Your Own Doorway

Three major New Year’s resolutions that Gorilla Gym can help with are: 1) exercise more  2)spend more time with their family  3) take fun breaks from Life’s omnipresent video screens.

Crowdfunding on http://www.indiegogo.com/gorilla-gym has helped make this new device a reality. Gorilla Gym, a startup in Harvard Square, has already raised 94% of their necessary funding with 5 days left — ending their campaign exactly on the co-founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov’s birthday, January 12th. Crowdfunding allows customers to pre-order at a substantial discount.

Launched by two Boston entrepreneurs with a mission to get everyone to exercise for at least 15 minutes every day, Gorilla Gym attaches to your doorway allowing multiple motion exercises and attachments.

Problem Solved: Most of the popular, portable cantilevered pull-up bars sold by multiple companies have an inherent stability problem which (when attached to doorways) makes them unsafe to use for anything more than simple repetitive up and down pullups. Their design does not support any side motion, which is why most pullup bars come with big warning labels to avoid motion and not attach anything to the device. But motion is a natural part of any workout: when people exercise, they tend to move their body, which could cause a traditional pullup bar to fall off the door trim, potentially resulting in a serious injury. That is the literally dangerous downside of the portable cantilevered design. YouTube is populated with pullup bar fail videos.

The new Gorilla Gym is just as portable and easy to use but solves this major safety problem with patented vise-grips that securely grip the sides of the doorway without the need for drilling or screws. The new design conquers motion, increasing the security and safety of the original cantilevered design and expanding the range of possible exercises. A major improvement results in a major increase in safety and utility.

Multiple Attachments Expand The Exercise Possibilities: Pullup extender which offers more positions for an effective upper body workout, ab straps, suspension straps, boxing bags, yoga swing, and even children’s swings are among the initial attachments that come with Gorilla Gym. The device’s modular design offers virtually limitless possibility for adding new fitness attachments to suit everyone’s need and taste.

Broader Appeal to Men and Women: Traditionally, pullup bars have appealed mostly to men because of the high strength threshold for the being able to do pullups. Gorilla Gym’s unique design supports multiple attachments, many of which are specifically targeted at women, including a yoga swing, ab straps, and suspension straps, opening the possibilities for core exercises like Pilates, stretching and Yoga, and many lower strength, high repetition exercises.

Ideal for city dwellers with limited space: Affordably priced under $50 for the core unit, Gorilla Gym provides families a compact alternative to buying expensive, bulky fitness equipment. The Gorilla Gym attachments lower the threshold to exercising and broaden the range of exercises. The simple modular design turns your doorway into a complete gym with dozens of exercises.

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