Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment can be a huge help in moving you towards your fitness goals. It’s true that there are many exercises that can be done without equipment. However, fitness equipment

There are many types of fitness equipment. Equipment can include simple objects like weights, pull-up bars, and punching bags. Workout machines, like treadmills, rowing machines, and ellipticals also fall into this category.

However, purchasing equipment has its drawbacks as well:

  1. Cost. Exercise equipment can be very expensive, especially if you opt for a large machine or electronic item.
  2. Space. To get a full-body workout, you’ll need more than just a set of dumbbells. It may seem like you need to get an exercise machine or create a home gym piece by piece. This can easily take up a whole room.
  3. Safety. A dropped weight can dent your floor; a treadmill accident can seriously injure you; a loose doorway pull-up bar can cause a painful fall. Your body (and your house) can take some serious damage if your exercise equipment fails.


Don’t panic. There’s an answer.

Gorilla Gym is a new home gym system. It installs in your doorway in a snap and is customizable with attachments to match your workouts. Gorilla Gym resolves each and every one of these common fitness problems!

  1. Cost. Gorilla Gym is affordable and cost-efficient. You choose the attachments you want! You can mix and match from a long list: swings, suspension straps, punching bags, and much more! You’ll never have to pay for equipment you don’t want.
  2. Space. Gorilla Gym is lightweight and portable. It installs in your doorway in seconds and is just as easy to remove! As soon as you’re done, just unhook your attachment, unscrew the Vise Grips, and store it. With our attachments, it’s easy to have a whole gym at your disposal without taking up any extra floor space!
  3. Safety. Gorilla Gym takes advantage of the structural support that your doorway offers. Doorways are some of the strongest parts of your home. Gorilla Gym pairs a cantilevered design with our patented Vise Grips for maximum stability. It will never break, slip, or fall. Gorilla Gym can support up to 300 pounds, so you can train harder than ever!